Dewatech is one of the most modern plants in Europe

We purify up to 6000 litres of contaminated fluids every hour

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Dewatch has extensive experience of environmental management

We hade purified, treated and recycled contaminated waters, oils and sludge since the early 1990s

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What we do

Out permit allows ut to handle up to 50 000 ton of waste each year. The waste contains of water with different kinds of contamination such as oils and sludge. We treat and purify the waste to separate the water from the contaminations and end up with a water clean enough to be released back into the ocean. To get the results we want, we need to work with moderna och effective techniques. Read more »

Our history

The history of Dewatech starts back in the 1950s. Back then, the company worked with regular sewer drainage. Throughout the years it stood clear to us that the market was in deficit of a plant that could treat the contaminated waters as well, and that was the beginning of Dewatech in its current constellation. We constantly work to ensure that our plant and our processes are the best possible in order to guarantee working methods that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Read more »

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