It all began in the beginning of the 1950s. A company called Wiréns Åkeri was founded as a conventional sewer cleaning company. During the 1980s, the company was bought by Martin Björkgren. He maintained the company in its original foundation until the early 90s. He then realized that the market needed a treatment plant where the contaminated water could be purified. He changed the directions of the company and it was during this transformation that the company changed its name to Dewatech.

Today, Martins son Tobias Björkgren is the CEO of the company and he runs it together with Martin.

At Dewatech, we treat water contaminated with oil, washing liquids and chemicals. We use modern techniques to ensure the best possible environmental management. With this technique, the water is purified to the extent where it can be let out in the ocean and the residues, such as oil and sludge, can be be properly taken care of and recycled. The name Dewatech itself is short for Dewatering Techniques, with is the technique we use to separate and purify the water from the contamintations. We constantly make sure that we have an updated and efficient production. As a result of this, our plant in Gävle Hamn is one of the most modern water purifing plant in Europe.

Everything in the plant is automated and the different stages of the process communicates with one another to ensure an efficient, environmentally friendly process. All contaminated liquids are different which means that they request different levels of treatment. The automated system sence and meassure the water throughout the process and will take proper action.

We strive to constantly be ahead in the market when it comes to equipment and environmental management.