Sludge management

The sludge is fed into the mixing chamber of the decanter centrifuge, which is placed inside the screw. This is also where polymer is added to flocculate the sludge. During the centrifugation, the sludge is hurled towards the walls of the drum through holes in the mixing chamber.

The screw conveyor transports the dewatered sludge out of the machine while the reject water is compressed back into the reject outlet.



  • Decanting is a process where you drain a fluid from the sediments in it. You know, the way people do with wine. In our process, it works the same way only we use a large centrifuge instead of a crystal decanter.
  • Flocculation is a process used in the water purification industry. What it does, it to merge different particles thats contaminating the water in order to separate them from the water. Particles of gravel and dirt, for example. To get these particles to merge, different chemicals are added. In this case, we add polymer,
  • Polymer is a chemical that is added into the water purification process in order for humus (comes from plants) and non-organic particles to flocculate (merge).