Oil recycling

What we do at Dewatech, is to handle and treat a large amount of contaminated oils and emulsions from places like harbors, garages, gas stations and so on. When the oils arrive at our plant, they are contaminated with things like gravel, dirt and construction waste.

We separate the oils from the contaminations with different methods such as gravimetric separation, heating, mechanical filtration and ultra filtration. When the oils are recycled, we send them to our partners, These partners have permits to convert the oil to oils for burning and the more refined oils turn back into engine oil.

The water that is cleaned out in these processes is sent back into our purifying plant in order to maintain the treatment towards getting an ultra clean water.



  • An emulsion is a mix of two fluids that usually do not mix very easy, for example water and oils or grease. Mayonnaise is one example, the contaminations being sent to our plant is another.
  • Gravimetric separation is a way of separating oils. The water goes through a large tank which is constructed to make the sludge sink to the bottom of the tank and for the oils to rise. This way, the oils and the sludge can be separated from the water. What’s left in the water are substances that need to be separated by ultra filtration.